MFT CampCreate – Day 2 Sliders

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Okay.  I have to say.  Without Jody Morrow from My Favorite Things, this card wouldn’t exist.  She’s a great instructor and comes up with some amazing, amazing cards.  I’m putting this under “Sliders” although (in actuality) it’s a pivot.  I’m absolutely tickled at how it came out.

Inside you can see a sweet living room scene from LJD Make Yourself at Home (which is one of my most favorite sets EVER) and Birdie Brown’s Cool Cat.


But look!  The kitty has snuck up and is peeking out the window!  There’s a little lever on the side to make him peek up or have him hide.


Next time, I think I’ll use the Classic Window DieNamics instead.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I’ll be squirreled away in my craft room after I take one of my fur-mosters to get groomed tomorrow.  I have another Father’s Day card to make!

CampCreate Sliders

3 thoughts on “MFT CampCreate – Day 2 Sliders

    • Thank you so much. It’s hard for me to come up with an original idea – in GENERAL. I had to build this from the base up, making room under the windows for the lever. My husband was a huge help with the “engineering” of it.

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