Today is Day 1

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I didn’t want a blog.  I didn’t think I needed a blog.  But I did want to submit a card that I’d made to a challenge and everywhere I looked, they want pictures to be submitted thru a blog.

Okay, fine, now I have a blog.  And I’m so incredibly lucky.  I live with the smartest developer in the world who is so good to me.   I said I wanted to try a blog so he said “okay, I can host it.”   Knowing it was going to be one more thing to take my time away from cleaning and laundry and the dishes and the house and the dogs.  Who knew?  He’s amazing.

I’ve worked all day.  Hell, I’ve worked like a dog all week.  We’re finishing up a year long project.  I thought I’d get off at 5:00.  Nope.  I’m still working and trying to play with this at the same time.  I’m a great multi-tasker….sometimes.

My next task will be to try to upload a picture to here.  And ask someone to try to look at it on line and tell me how it looks.  But I don’t think that’s going to be now.  Now I’m going to be finishing up four machines that I’m working on,  starting a load of laundry and watching the series finale of Fringe.  Yeah, it was on a year ago.  I said I’d been busy.


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